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I've added a new Roleplaying section if anyone wants to use it. Discussions/questions/suggestions can be added to the appropriate boards.

...Eh, probably need some more users in here, too.

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Pure Blank

Updated the theme, main page, and added a List of Characters with sortable tables! Wheee.

There's more fan characters on here than I thought there were.


I've got to say, all the stuff you've been doing is pretty awesome, I won't lie. It almost looks... professional, like there's more than five people somewhat active on this wiki. I must applaude your efforts. Who knows, maybe one day we'll have SEVEN people here?

No, I shouldn't get greedy, as that is a Herculean labour beyond us at the moment. But seriously, good job (although Shiroe makes me feel uncomfortable with his stare... it pierces into the depths of my soul...), it shows.


Actually, according to the Wiki Insights we have four active people on this Wiki, as in four people who've edited on the Wiki in the past 30 days lol

But... Shiroe's not even looking at you, unless your soul's a sunset.


My soul is probably closer to a black hole with millions of kittens being pulled into it, but the look he has, it's... unsettling. It's like he judging me or is seeing my browser history (both of which frighten me greatly).


I'll be converting the Character Infobox to the new Wikia Infobox that the other pages are using. As far as pages are concerned, you shouldn't have to change anything, as the only thing that should be changing is its appearance. All the parameters will remain the same with the exception of "Status", which will be changed to "Active?". I'll fix that parameter on all the pages (that I know of, if somehow someone sneaked a page past me).

As for benefits of the new layout, it allows for multiple images in the image. See Cleric. I know how to do it in Source Mode, but I don't know how to do it in other editors (if it's even possible to begin with, as every one of Central's tutorials require editing it in Source Mode).

Actually the multiple images thing is possible in the current infobox but, y'know, uniformity and all that.


New templates: Monster Infobox, Event Infobox, Overskill Infobox (made by Pure Blank and Naishode)

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