Bard is one of the classes that can be selected in Elder Tale. This class specializes in using magical songs to increase the stats of the other members of an attack party.


A Bard can only wear leather armor and is limited to using short swords, bows and other light weapons or instruments. However, unlike other weapon-based classes, Bards have the unique ability to use Song Magic, which allows them to tremendously increase their allies' combat prowess. In particular, the Bard has support songs that grant continuous buffs until cancelled and are ranked substantially above those cast by an Enchanter. On top of that, these support songs can be toggled on and off at will. There is a great variety of songs in the skill set, each of which are very powerful.

However, the Bard's own combat prowess is quite low, and few players choose this class. High-level bards can learn up to 15 songs and can activate two songs simultaneously. Since each song requires a very long casting time, having a long-term battle strategy is crucial.  Therefore, this class is very challenging to master.

Sample BuildsEdit

There are two primary builds for this class: the Concertmaster and the Prima Actor.

Concertmaster - Support Song Specialization
Supporting parties in large-scale battles, a Concertmaster uses skills such as Battle Conduct, War Conductor, Curtain Drops, and other such skills to increase his or her allies' attack ability. A Concertmaster is not expected to fight on the front lines, although they can use their auto-attack sometimes.
Prima Actor - Special Attack Specialization
Using attack spells like Duet, Grande Finale, and Prelude Onslaught in conjunction with movement hindrance spells like Ballad of the Gullible Snail, a Prima Actor can increase the number or strength of either their own or their allies' attacks. The main weakness of this build is that it is more effective against multiple enemies, and its effectiveness drops considerably against solo enemies.
Virtuoso - Curse Song Specialization
Focuses on aiding allies using their Curse Songs to weaken opponents. However, this build is rather unpopular due to the relatively short range of Bard attacks compared to Assassins and Swashbucklers, as well as the lower damage it deals.

Average HP and MP ChartEdit

The calculations for this table are based on level and the average gear for that level. However, HP and MP are also affected by the Adventurer's race and sometimes by subclass.

Level HP MP Level HP MP
1 150 150 60 5466 5466
5 456 456 65 5995 5995
10 849 849 70 6537 6537
15 1255 1255 75 7092 7092
20 1674 1674 80 7659 7659
25 2104 2104 85 8238 8238
30 2547 2547 90 8829 8829
35 3003 3003 95 9433 9433
40 3471 3471 100 10050 10050
45 3951 3951 105 10678 10678
50 4443 4443 110 11319 11319
55 4948 4948 115 11973 11973

Known InstrumentsEdit

Percussion Keyboard String 1 String 2 Wind 1 Wind 2
Castanet Xylophone Harp Japanese Lute Trumpet Recorder
Maraca Metallophone Lute Wagon Horn Ocarina
Cymbal Harmonium Guitar Huqin Trombone Oboe
Triangle Harpsichord Violin Shamisen Tuba Harmonica
Taiko Drum Piano Cello Sitar Flute Accordion
Drum Clavichord Lyre Dulcimer Clarinet Bamboo Flute