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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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— Bhrasta

Bhrasta (ビーウラスタ, Biiurasuta) is an Adventurer and a player of the popular MMORPG Elder Tale. Almost nothing is known about his life and how he became a player before the events of the Catastrophe, but it is known that he was a man by the name of Orochi Kita (北区オロチ, lit. "Tree Field Snake") who apparently began to play the game purely on a whim. Becoming a Human Assassin-Berserker, he ended up becoming acquainted with the PKing guild Hatchet Men, Bhrasta managed to rise up rather rapidly through the ranks, challenging anyone who would get in his way and having them removed through any means necessary. Eventually, through a currently unknown series of events, challenges, and duels to the 'death', Bhrasta managed to gain the position of Guild Master and restructured the guild slightly, expanding their activities from merely player-killing to using the acquired money and tools from their deaths to make a profit, forming a small and relatively harmless black market beneath the main structure of the game itself, lying low and avoiding attention while doing so (save for the notice of their clients). In order to further his goals and expand the range of 'goods' that his good could offer, Bhrasta also began recruiting high-level players and trained up the more low-tier members of his guild, then had them PK more experienced players in order to steal their more powerful items for sale. Through this, Bhrasta and his reborn guild slowly became more and more prominent within the shadier elements of the game itself, him becoming known as the top man for ill-gotten gains and a vast array of equipment that could be gained for the right price, without having to earn it legitimately. He even earned himself a title among the game's underbelly, being referred to most commonly as The Number One Guy (ナンバーワンの男, Nanbāwan no Otoko) himself.







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