"The fun is at the front of the formation. Leave the healers and mages in the back, and if you steal my kill I will play jump rope with your innerds!.,"

— Black Dragon


Black Dragon is a eleven year old kid who was addicted to video games and a lover of the Elder Tales. When the Event happened and everyone was stuck in this new world Black Dragon quickly accepted the reality and adjusted to his surroundings. His young mind and lack of responsibilities in the normal world made it easy for him to adapt to the change. For him this is the world and the normal world was simply the game.


Black Dragon has the standard personality of a eleven year old gamer. He is suborn to the core, a brat at times, and has insane drive to win. He does not take loss well, nor does he play well with others. His party of five, which is made up of season young gamers, is the only group he was able to stay with for long. This was due more to the people in his group adjusting to his personality rather than him fitting in like a puzzle piece. Still the respect and teamwork they have build up over the years does well to route Black Dragons bratty personality.

Black Dragon can most of the time be seen with a uncaring smirk. This is how he usually is outside of battle. However once the battle starts his frown turns upside down and Black Dragon fully feels that he belongs. He is a blood knight, like all the other members of Deep Trouble.