"I'm not evil, I'm just not particularly good most of the time."

— Caeruleus Cathedra

Caeruleus Cathedra Is one of the few former members of God Hand that were caught in the Catastrophe, well known for his extremely unorthodox approach to playing a traditionally support-oriented role. When compared to members of his former group such as Wolfgang or Alistair he is quite tame and a respectable and wholesome human being, but his morals are still questionable, but are still actively present, which is what separates him from the aforementioned.

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The best way to describe Caeruleus' personality would be simple: a bloodthirsty scholar. Even before the Apocalypse, there was a certain drive that was ever present in terms of a desire for challenge that could only be reached by battling against another human being, a trait which was only magnified by his Berserker status later on. The scholar aspect comes from his own intellectual nature, where he desires to have at least a vague understanding of how and why things happen, which drives him even more than his bloodlust.

Despite having a desire for conflict, Caeruleus does not actively seek out danger nor is he an unkind person. On the contrary, he is relatively well known for his kindness and gentle nature, going out of his way aid children and is benevolent to those more unfortunate than himself. That being said, he still has no qualms with killing other Adventurers, as they respawn, his view being that with the ability to resurrect at the cost of memories death has become more of a nuisance than a final frontier.

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Danu Guard: Caeruleus' Overskill, it operates off the fact that unless certain conditions are met, an Adventurer's own skills can't hurt themselves. He applies this principle to his defence by using it to block otherwise fatal attacks with attacks of his own, parrying them in a sense. However, these can simply be broken through by sheer strength alone, depending on the spell being used and the opponent's level.

Racial Abilities:



Trivia Edit

  • Despite having a somewhat serious sounding name, Caeruleus' name actually means "Blue Chair" in Latin, which in itself is a reference to the slice of life webtoon, Blue Chair.

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