"Humans are Stupid. When your entire world turns up side down and your life is drastically altered you would think that one's priorities would be focus on adapting to this new life and the challenges that it brings. Well I am here to tell you, that people are stupid. Well some of the people. Not everyone stuck in this new world is running around screaming and talking there ship, but unfortunately some of them are."

"Alright let me take this back a few pegs. I am sure you are well verse in The Event. If you are not then I will give a short description. We were playing a video game on our computers when suddenly we found ourselves inside of a completely different world. The world itself is like a mixture between the real world and the game world. We don't really understand all the rules, nor do we understand how we got here. We just know we are here, and to be honest that is the last thing on my mind at this time."

"Shoot! I almost forgot. I did not introduce myself. My name is Noodles. I am your friendly neighborhood Fox Tail War Cleric. I am a level 90 Guardian, which is a impressive feat, and a level 90 Swordsmith.

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