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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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— Daiki

Daiki (ダイキ Daiki) is the main protagonist of Here Be Dragons. He is a Ritian Sorcerer-Animal Trainer currently trapped with his fellow players on Mare Incognitum, frequently travelling between the adventurer cities of Maunsell and Enenkio while having a variety of adventures.

His Overskill is Hekate Casting.


While little of Daiki's appearance in the real world has been yet shown, his pleasure at being placed in his avatar implies he was not entirely happy with his original appearance. The only concrete detail is that he had worn glasses for most of his life before the Catastrophe.

Within the world of Theldesia, Daiki takes the appearance of a rather pale and slim Ritian. Just slightly below the average height, he has short and roughly-cropped green hair whose bangs form a vague foliage-esque pattern on his forehead. Two sideburns also extend downwards slightly, though they stop right at his nose line and appear to lift slightly from his face into the air, as a shadow can occasionally be seen between them and where they would meet his skin. He has slightly-narrowed purple eyes and rather thin eyebrows. Like other members of his race, he has a variety of tattooes over his body, though his clothing covers up most of them. Two are still visible on his face, one crossing his left eye and the other halfway visible on his right cheek before disappearing into his cloak. When in casual wear, it can be seen to extend to his neck.

In terms of clothing, he primarily wears several layers of clothing. The first and most prominent is his wizard's cloak: a green garment that at times appears sideless, it has both a pure white trim and various white-colored runes along its surface. These extend to its hood, which is often pulled over his head when travelling and left hanging when not. Often, he will attach his staff to the back of it for more convenient carrying. Underneath the cloak lies a rather baggy dark gray sweater, and at the ends of his arms two black gloves cover the remaining space that is his hands. Similar trousers cover most of his legs, and dark brown boots are on his feet. The shirt appears to have a unique split collar, visible over the rim of his cloak. When being more casual, he sheds both his cloak and the sweatshirt, adopting a simple silk, long-sleeved shirt that is of similar color. A short-sleeved variant is occasionally seen, though due to Daiki's lack of available clothing he keeps it in reserve. He supposedly owns a set of sandals and shorts, as well as a backup jacket, though most of these were presumably bought after the Catastrophe, when he first had actual need and desire to change his clothes regularly.


The air glasses remain, silent and unyielding.


Prior to the CatastropheEdit



Story 1 - ???Edit

Loremaker: A magical staff from ancient times. It is made of solidified mystical flames, and when used at full power their emerald tongues blaze once again. Offensive magical attacks are boosted, while defensive and supportive spells are reduced in effectiveness. The orb at the center can offer random visions and advice, but at times the holder will see a mysterious figure looking back. One of the two rewards Daiki received from a certain raid. He polishes it obsessively and is known for taking it in for repairs more often than necessary.
Arkmage's Regalia: Daiki's signature mage cloak. The second of the two rewards he gained from a certain raid. Crafted and blessed by the god of magic, when fully worn it allows the user to block out all unnecessary stimuli, focusing only on their current situation. As a result, it can provide accuracy and magical power boosts. It was originally supposed to be called "Archmage's Regalia", but miscommunication about its pronunciation lead to the current name.
Horizon Log: A notebook with an odd name Daiki picked up whilst doing a random quest. Of a highly fantastical design, it can record anything the user writes (formerly typed) and has an immense amount of pages that never seem to run out. It can be worn around the neck for easy transportation with a special kind of rope (also found on the same quest). Typically used to record relevant information gained while traveling.


Standard SkillsEdit

Racial SkillsEdit

Activation (アクティバティオン, Akutibation)-

Overdrive (オバードリブ, Obaadoribu)-

Talismonger (タリスモンジャー, Tarisumonjaa)

Tattoo Pattern: Magician ()-

Lore of Ritual (法儀法律, Hōgi Hōritsu)-

Class SkillsEdit


Hekate Casting (ヘカテカスティング, Hekate Kasutingu)-


Hakurou (ハクロ, Hakuro)- Daiki's first companion in the series. A Snow Wolf pup he discovered shortly after the Catastrophe and quickly used his subclass to tame. As the runt of its litter, Hakurou often lies on Daiki's shoulder when he travels, though it will occasionally take up residence in his hood when it's not over his head. Otherwise, it can be seen running around and exploring the area nearby its Master. Daiki is extremely protective of Hakurou and often exploits a minor Overskill to keep him at home when he goes on a dangerous quest; as it begins to grow into an adult, however, it travels with its master more and more often.



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