"Five Fools together can overcome anything! That was what I learned by fighting with the Guardian Core. So bring it on old man! Were going to give you the shock of your life!"

Fairy Boy is a former member of a old Guild called The Guardian Core. The Guardian Core was a fighter guild that only allowed members of the Guardian class into there ranks. Using strick military formation, potions, and smart tactics the Guardian Core was able to defeat many bosses with only Guardians. The group however broke up when the Apocalypse happen. Most of the guild was off line when it happened due to a real life meeting. Fairy Boy, being more of a loner, skipped out on it and logged in. He ended up being the only person in his guild logged on that day and in the end lost his guild. 

Fairy Boy gained quite the reputation for playing as a solo character till he joined the Ship of Fools. His skill as a level 90 swordsmith came in handy along with his unique guardian play style. The boy is often seen in Fairy Boy's hand as it is his primary weapon due to range. However once his enemies get within melee range Fairy Boy switches to his sword. His sword skills are his true power. Not only is his character skilled with fighting with a blade, but Fairy Boy himself had sword skills before he was trapped in the world.

In the Real World Fairy Boy was known as Author Smith. He was a member of the North American HEMA society and a member of the Southern Wrestling Organization, though in his later years he was a meer shell member. He is also a certified peace officer and works in The Department of Corrections in Alabama. Gaming and HEMA was his way of dealing with the stress of work and he excelled at both.

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