Is a Race of Ritual Assassin-Swordsmith, and a challenge gamer who can't help but to burden himself with self-imposed challenges.

Before the Catastrophe, CDXI concerned himself with naught but swordplay and swordsmithing. And after the Catastrophe, CDXI has continued to concern himself with naught but swordplay and swordsmithing!

Personality Edit


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Equipment Edit

Juuchi Yosamu: A Phantasmal-class weapon. The 10,000 Cold Nights that cuts everything that passes its way. From fish, to leaves, and even the very air that dares to be blown upon it. It is, by all accounts, a fine sword. However, it's a blood-thirsty and evil blade. As it does not discriminate as to who or what it will cut. It may just as well be cutting down butterflies as severing heads.
Hagoromo: A Phantasmal-class apparel. It's the feathered kimono of a tennin. Endows its wearer with an unequaled and unsurpassed boost in speed. In addition, it also endows its wearer with the covetous ability to fly!
Yasakani no magatama
Yasakani no Magatama: One of the three Imperial Regalia of Yamato. A Phantasmal-class item which provides a Phantasmal-class boost in speed!

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