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— Harisu

Harisu (ハリス, Harisu) is an Adventurer and a player of the MMORPG known as Elder Tale. His name in the real world is actually Lukas Faraday (ルーカズ ・ファラッデイ, Ruukazu Faraddei), and he was acting as a transfer student in Japan for the current semester when he became hooked on the game of Elder Tale itself. He quickly set up his character, specifically a Race of Ritual Sorcerer-Animal Trainer whom he named Harisu. The more and more he played the game, the more Harisu became addicted to it, to the point that he would even forsake some of his studies in order to play more and more Elder Tale. Because of this addiction, Harisu was present to download the twelth expansion pack, Homesteading the Noosphere. Upon logging into the game, however, Harisu found himself blacking out. He woke up to find that his reality, and that of all those around him, had changed to be an exact duplicate of the MMORPG in the event known as the Catastrophe. Finding himself planted in his main city of Susukino, Harisu sought out his various fellow players that he had worked with in the past and officially formed his own group, the Leeroy Jenkins Party, in order to undergo various epic adventures and explore the new world that lay out ahead of all of them. And therefore they set out to accomplish this goal, as well as discovering the exact nature of the current Elder Tale and potentially finding a way out (should any of them choose to take it).

Since then, Harisu has gone on a variety of adventures with his party, and earning a fair amount of infamy from the various lower-level elements in the new Elder Tale, that he has ended up acting against for a variety of his own reasons and agendas, though this mostly seems to stem from his own personal philosophy of doing whatever that he feels is right to the best of his ability. However, he has not forsaken his incredible love of adventure and will generally go on whole escapades and battles if hearing enough of their difficulty or potential for grand adventures. Harisu has also continued to hone and perfect his use of his signature magic, to the point that at times he can even be considered an expert at the art. He has received the epithet of the Green-Haired Trickster (緑の髪のトリックスター, Midori no Kami no Torikkusutā) due to his prowess in magic and his perchant to use it to mess with people should he decide to do it (though generally his jokes can be considered on the extreme side of harmlessness).

His Overskill is Hekate Casting.



Full avatar

Before the Catastrophe occured, Harisu was in his own words a rather "ordinary-looking fellow". He was around the same height as his in-game avatar, but has an appearance that is completely different from it. He apparently had short golden straw-colored hair that he rarely combed unless it was absolutely required, and was usually in a rather almost stylized-looking mess that gave him a feeling of unkemptness that clashed with the rest of his appearance. He had storm blue-colored eyes with a hint of green that were usually covered with a pair of glasses, and his standard outfit appears to consist of a standard Japanese school jacket, black-in color, with a white undershirt and dress pants and shoes that matched the rest of the uniform. He was around the average height but also oddly skinny and lanky, though he mentions that he was growing fast and was quickly apporaching a height that would have allowed himself to qualify for the title of 'tall', though he claims that he wouldn't have used it no matter what he did as he preferred being a short man over being a tall one, as looking up at people feels more comfortable to him in real life than looking down on others.

When playing the game Elder Tale, his player avatar is rather ridiculously different from his real world self. There is a bit more muscle definition, though Harisu remains rather skinny and his height is around the same as it was in the real world. As a member of the Race of Ritual, by far his most notable feature is the variety of runes that appear to be enscribed on his body. All of these runes appear to be a dark green or emerald in color, and range from simple lines and shapes on his arms to a collection of them appearing somewhat akin to a claw or bolt of lightning that runs along his face, even passing through his eye (with the rest of it being visible whenever he closes it, showing it to be printed on his eyelids and bits of his eyelashes as well). There a variety of other runes that appear on his chest, legs, and even two on the soles of his feet, but no more than that appear to exist and they seem to be simple in design. He no longer wears glasses and has rather wild, lime green-colored hair that is even more unkempt than his hair in the real world. His eyes are now totally lime green with pitch black pupils, and his outfit consists of a rather simple long white scarf that he keeps wrapped around his neck and often trails down to his ankles or even past them. It is complimented by a pure white, seleveless shirt with an odd line running down through it, and is bound along with his pants to his waist via the Paracelsus Cloth, which also appears around his ankles and even around his hands and most of his lower arms. His pants are a simple pair of what appear to be blue jean-like pants with the bottoms turned up, exposing a pure white section that lies on the inside of them. On his feet, Harisu wears simple, white and gray-colored mocassins that allow him to move on a variety of surfaces with ease and with little discomfort. Following the Catastrophe, this appears to have become Harisu's real body.

While the outfit described above is Harisu's main outfit in the game world while adventuring and other such pursuits, he has been known to don a few other sets of clothing depending on the situation. The first and technically most seene of these is his 'Casual Outfit', that he usually keeps hidden from the others. It consists of a simple sage green t-shirt with the rune on his eye being centrally placed, albeit of a lighter shade of the color that makes up the most of the T-shirt. It is situated alongside the same scarf that Harisu keeps on in his adventuring gear, and he wears simple black sweatpants with a white stylized trim that runs down the side, as well as a pair of simple sandals with a cream-colored insole and black straps. For colder climates he appears to wear a variant of this, complimented with a large forest camo snow jacket and somewhat thicker and more padded pants than he usually does. When travelling to the likes of a beach, Harisu switches all this out for a pair of green-and-black swim trunks with a primary flame and lightning-based design, as well as a small jacket of a lightish-green color that appears to have nothing in the way of decoration.


In the real world, pre-Catastrophe, Harisu describes himself as being someone who fought constantly against himself. For a great deal of his life, things seemed to end up naturally well for him, whether through a combination of his own efforts or pure dumb luck at whatever he was given. Though things didn't always turn out that way, it happened often enough for him to develop a sense of self-confidence that he wasn't sure he liked, and so he spent a great amount of time trying to beat down thoughts like 'I'm better than others' or things of that ilk, hoping to keep himself as humble as possible. He greatly enjoyed researching and finding out things about the stuff he was interested in, ranging from books, to comics, to manga, to anime, to video games, and it was this sort of hobby that lead him to Elder Tale, a game that he eventually decided to play for himself, choosing his race and classes based on his own preferences in such games. He claims that despite often acting aloof or with bravado, he is secretly convinced that he was something of a coward as well, unwilling to face something new or try out something original for fear that he couldn't achieve it as easily as anything else, leading him to believe that he had/has something akin to commitment issues. He also describes himself as a "people pleaser" in an odd way, a massive sham acting more as the person whom he wanted to be rather than the person whom he believes he actually was, who could rarely say what he actually thought for fear of some reprisal that he didn't want. He allowed something more like his actual personality out when he was online, either on the regular internet or when playing the game.

Following the Catastrophe, some of his old mannerisms have made a return, though he still presents himself closer to who he actually is rather than relying on a facade. Harisu is notably energetic, though this is tempered with a remarkable laziness that sometimes rears its head in the most inopportune of moments and often leads to him sleeping in every day or being late to a variety of events due to his tendency to put things off if he possibly can. He is one of the first in-series to fully accept and embrace the idea that the game world had become real, and is always excited to try out a feature or mechanic and seeing the implication that it has on the real world. In keeping with this, he also greatly enjoys exploring the whole of the new world, and especially enjoys using things such as his own skills and seeing them actually occurring in reality before his eyes. While this sort of enthusiasm has faded over time, he remains one who appears to be rather content with the way things turned out, though a part of him still misses the real world. In the beginning, Harisu, while enjoying the game world that had become real, also had a deep fear that he would eventually prefer it fully over the real world, and fought mentally against that sort of mindset, something that initially impeded his actual performance, at times in key moments, one of them leading to his death against Bhrasta. Following (or during) that first death, however, after sacrificing his first memory, Harisu has found some amount of comfort in things, believing that no matter how much time he spent in the new world, a part of him would always remain in the real world, either through the memories of things there that he was giving away, or simply for the fact that he had once (and might again) lived there. With this in the back of his head, he was capable of disposing with parts of this mindset and devoting himself more to the game world, removing that potential inhibitor. Despite the fact that he has thrown away a great deal of his cowardice, and acts much bolder now than he did in the old world, parts of it still remain, and he acts indecisive at times, spending a few hours debating over decisions or struggling with them rather than immediately acting, occasionally even in the middle of important events such as raids. This also seems to imply that his problem with commitment hasn't vanished, also evidenced by the fact that he prefers to remain simply affiliated with a guild rather than joining one, sticking with a rather loose party.

Harisu freely admits that he is at times overly-sentimental, holding onto the first item he got in Elder Tale as something of a commemorative item and being loathe to exchange it with anything else. This contributed to his decision to choose Animal Trainer as his subclass, with him wanting to have a long-standing companion or series/group of companions at his side to fight with him and keep him company, even if he was playing alone, and liking that option over contracting with and summoning monsters via the Summoner class. However, this could simply have been his desire to play as a Sorcerer and viewing the Animal Trainer as the closest he could get to the Summoner class without giving up his primary, and the explanation that he currently gives is more along the lines of him justifying his choice without coming off as petty -- something that he certainly is, leading to him forming deep, if brief grudges if annoyed greatly, and plotting 'revenge' in at times oddly specific ways. He has the habit of muttering insults at people he dislikes under his breath while at times acting perfectly civil to them, though he will be the first to come out and admit that he was insulting them if they realize he is doing it and confront him. While he has a short fuse, it also repairs itself really quickly, and he has difficulty staying really angry for long, sometimes even against those he considers his enemies. He can also put away his grudges and feuds towards others for a variety of things that cheer him up, ranging from his favorite foods being served to such things as holidays, events he greatly enjoys and will often go overboard celebrating, often to the annoyance of others, even those who have known for him awhile and expect such behavior. Harisu is one who plays both the straight man and the funny man at the same time, switching between a serious and almost sarcastic demeanor to a more lighthearted and silly one depending on how he feels and who he's dealing with.

While he has a difficult time forming long-lasting friendships or other such relationships, when they do happen he is fiendishly dedicated to them, and would do anything possible for those that he considers his friends or allies. He reasons that because he generally has so little of those that he can honestly call friends, he tends to treat those that he actually has quite dearly, at times beyond reason. Harisu even extends this attitude towards his various animal partners, as he has a special fondness for animals (especially those of the dog or cat variety), and almost spoils them on several occasions, even debating whether or not he should bring them into battle, not wanting them to be hurt, but usually deciding on it anyway and simply deciding that he'll protect them as much as he possibly can. While he cares deeply for his friends, that doesn't prevent him in the slightest from arguing freely with them or even occasionally making light jabs at them. He appears to be a fan of debate in a sense, though he himself is terrible at it, and often jumps into arguments with his own opinion, wanted or not. While this often gets people annoyed or frustrated with him, he also has a more earnest and kind side that comes out when he gets serious. At times, he comes off as something of a man of principles, doing what he views as the right thing on several occasions simply because he believes that it's what he should do, though alternate motives and circumstances can lead to this as well.

He was an avid reader in the real world, and often hunts down the likes of libraries. As one who used to wear glasses, he claims that no longer needing them feels weird, and will sometimes act as if they are still there, often attempting to push them up, remove them for cleaning, or adjust them subconsciously before realizing the fact that he doesn't have them all over again.


Prior to the CatastropheEdit


Harisu in real life.


Twelth Expansion arcEdit

Hatchet Men arcEdit


Equipment Title Class Description
ParacelsusCloth Paracelsus Cloth (パラセルサス クロス, Paraserusasu Kurosu) Phantasmal Flavor Text: The last work of an ancient mage, the cloth was initially created as an aid for his son, but his death prevented it from being delivered, and it languished within the confines of his forgotten workshop. When worn, a magic user will receive random bursts of increased magical power, and the mage himself will occasionally appear before them in times of great need, accompanied by a sense of powerful loss.

A Phantasmal-class 'set' of items that Harisu acquired and appear to be exclusive to him. Originally appearing as a simple role of cloth, it takes the function of a magic wand or staff when used, allowing the wearer to cast spells from wherever the cloth is warn, giving the user some versatility when it comes to combat. Harisu keeps it primarily wrapped around his hands, lower arms, waist, and ankles, though stray bits of it are located around parts of his chest and legs in order to maximize the amount of opportunities he has available to him in battle.

HarisuScarf Basic Scarf (基本的なスカーフ, Kihon-tekina Sukāfu) Normal Flavor Text: A basic scarf that can either be looted from enemies or bought in a shop, a scarf is a basic article of clothing for most Adventurers. Providing little more than aesthetic value, it is still a comfortable wear.

A simple scarf that offers only aesthetic value. Despite this, it is the first item Harisu acquired during his time in Elder Tales and he prizes it, always incorporating it into his gear.


Standard SkillsEdit

Racial SkillsEdit

Activation (アクティバティオン, Akutibation)-

Overdrive (オバードリブ, Obaadoribu)-

Talismonger (タリスモンジャー, Tarisumonjaa)

Lore of Ritual (法儀法律, Hōgi Hōritsu)-

Class SkillsEdit


Hekate Casting (ヘカテカスティング, Hekate Kasutingu)-


Hakurou (ハクロ, Hakuro)-



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