Health Guard is a medium size and very powerful support guild in Elder Tale. The guild's mission is to roam throughout Elder Tale, giving support to all who need it. It currently has more than 500+ members, many who are level 80+ and is the largest support guild on the server. It is led by a Guild Master named "Commander" Felurian.




Members with Overskills:


Name Rank Class Status
Felurian Guild Master (Captain-Commander) Cleric Active
Nephia Lieutenant Captain Druid Active
Goldof Frontline Captain Cleric Active
Anchur Lieutenant Captain Guardian Active
Vashet Lifeline Captain Kannagi Active
Fucario Lieutenant Captain Guardian Active
Takaya Backline Captain Enchanter Active
Elodin Lieutenant Captain Sorcerer Active
Swiftnin Flatline Captain Assassin Active
Blinknin Lieutenant Captain Assassin Active
Finbro Member Sorcerer Active
Rinsis Member Cleric Active

Guild BaseEdit

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