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"Your life is like a game: You're the protagonist, your enemies the antagonists, your friends your allies, and your goal is to continue searching for answers that answers the questions you can't solve."

— Lerafele

Lerafele is an Adventurer and a long-time player of the famous MMORPG Elder Tale. She is a Human Paladin-Knight and the leader of the guild, Mystic Warriors along with the assistant leaders, Azen and Hyu.

Her Overskill is Song of Faded Nights.

Appearance Edit

Lerafele's most distinguishing traits are her multi-colored hair, which some of it tied into two horns, and her ripped thigh-high socks, both of which were carried over from her real-life appearance.

Personality Edit

Synopsis Edit

Equipment Edit

Melody, the spear of Blessings - A fairly long, narrow, curved spear made of copper is held by a grip wrapped in strange, emerald green deerskin. One sharp edge makes this weapon ideal for both stabbing and slicing, the enemies of this spear's wielder won't stand a chance.

Equipping this increases attack by .3% and defense by .2%. When equipped at level 85 or above, the spear grants HP regeneration by .5%

Rhythm, the armor of Sacred Gifts - Attached to the top is a leather piece used to attach short, colored hairs which flow towards the back. The shoulders are squared, very long and huge. They're decorated with metal chains, hanging from the edges of the shoulders.

When equipped, HP increases by .4% and MP by .9%. It also increases defense by .9%

Harmony, the lute of Eternal Glory - TBA.

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