Let's Go Adventuring, Okay? is an alternate-universe fan fic by DQueenie13. It is currently on hiatus.


In this world, people are divided among two types: Landers and Adventurers. Landers live in towns, villages, and cities, and usually settle there, raising livestock and supporting Adventurers. Adventurers go to Academies to learn how to fight and use skills before being sent off on their own to explore and forge their own path, assisting Landers by completing quests. MMO-like interfaces are the norm, and fighting monsters is but a daily task. Shiroe is an Enchanter, constantly mocked at his Academy for his weak attack power. One day, he stumbles upon a lost girl named Kanami...


Debauchery Tea PartyEdit

  • Shiroe
  • Kanami
  • Naotsugu
  • Nyanta
  • Indicus
  • Kazuhiko
  • KR
  • Calm.H.Dale


  • Elias Hackblade
  • Coppelia
  • Roe2
  • Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen
  • Rundelhous Code

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