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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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— LifeKnight

LifeKnight (リフェクニト, Rifekunito), known more conveniently as LK (エルケー, Erukee) to friends, allies, and acquaintances, is an Adventurer, a player of the super-popular MMORPG Elder Tale who found himself trapped into the world that he loved so much following the release of the twelth expansion pack, Homesteading the Noosphere, in an event that would live on in infamy as the Catastrophe. A Cleric-Chef of unknown species (thanks in a large point to his armor as well as his refusal or lack of interest in explaining it to anyone), LK was well-known as an avid roleplayer before the Apocalypse, and upon finding himself trapped in the game he embraced this idea fully, taking up the role as a "mysterious healer of justice" who assists all those he can through the use of his "Armor Cleric" build.

However, due to his particular class choice he still found himself at a disadvantage and in need of a party. Thankfully, during the period before the Catastrophe, he had become friends with a fellow player, a Race of Ritual Sorcerer named Harisu, and the two of them had worked together on a variety of raids and quests (one of which being the particular struggle that resulted in Harisu acquiring his Paracelsus Cloth). Following several leads in order to find his old comrade, he managed to track him down and offered his services to the party. Finding no real reason to say no and enjoying the rather over-the-top atmosphere that LK brought to any proceedings he was involved in, Harisu accepted, and the healing knight joined him alongside the Samurai Reimei and the Swashbuckler --- as they set out to explore the land of Yamato and the new world that awaited them as a whole.

He is as one of the main characters in Winged Souls.



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