This is a list of characters, both fan-made (OCs) and quasi-canon (canon characters, whether from Log Horizon or a crossover series, that are adapted for your story).

Fan CharactersEdit

Name Class Creator
5tray Assassin Powerhouse411
Adrastey Bard DQueenie13
Al Radil VII Zeon1
Alex Paladin TripleBooking
Alistair Du Meurtre Samurai Pure Blank
Anchur Guardian Elaxdal
Arata Cleric Rinjy2
Aria Summoner Tygari
Bhrasta Assassin Zeon1
Blinknin Assassin Elaxdal
Blue Tiger Cleric LordNoodleXIV
Caeruleus Cathedra Sorcerer Pure Blank
Daiki Sorcerer Zeon1
Elodin Sorcerer Elaxdal
Fawken Swashbuckler Zeon1
Felix Swashbuckler Uchiha Ryoga
Felurian Cleric Elaxdal
Final Fantasy CDXI Monk Powerhouse411
Finbro Sorcerer Elaxdal
Fucario Guardian Elaxdal
Gao Guardian Zikimura
Goldof Cleric Elaxdal
Ilgis Swashbuckler DQueenie13
Invoker Sorcerer Elaxdal
Kaito Swashbuckler Masa D. Tora
Katherinn Verloss Summoner LuxxKat
Kira Monk Hikaruaizora
Lerafele Bard IchigoCupcakes
LifeKnight Cleric Zeon1
Mira Assassin Rinjy2
Mister Macho Viking DQueenie13
Murphy Cowboy Scriptophobe
Nairda Assassin Elaxdal
Nephia Druid Elaxdal
Opis Pesilat DQueenie13
Perrina Hwarang DQueenie13
Reimei Samurai Zeon1
Rinsis Cleric Elaxdal
Ryuurei Aurelius Guardian Pure Blank
Shadow Sorcerer Shadow101DJ
Skylark Rue Summoner Pure Blank
Sonjure Summoner Elaxdal
Subaru Monk Elaxdal
Swiftnin Assassin Elaxdal
Takaya Enchanter Elaxdal
The Generalissimo Samurai Pure Blank
Thunder Guardian LordNoodleXIV
Tristan Assassin The Silver Ace
Vashet Kannagi Elaxdal
Wolfgang T. Cain Assassin Pure Blank
Wulf Swashbuckler WolfOfThePub
Zeiren Assassin Rukiryo


Name Class Creator Story
Shiroe Enchanter DQueenie13 Let's Go Adventuring, Okay?
Raynesia Lord DQueenie13 Log Horizon: The Sacred Stones

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