Opis is a male Pesilat-Magical Girl and the vice-master of Magical Men.


How Opis has such a feminine male avatar is a mystery. Most players were unaware that such feminine male avatars were even possible to create within the game's limits.

Either way, Opis loves trolling people. Because gender is not on the main status screen display, most people don't realize that he's actually a man in both real life and in-game, since he has a very broad vocal range and can make a convincing soft-spoken female voice.

While pulling his usual shenanigans, he chanced upon Mister Macho. He attempts to troll his fellow male Magical Girl, only for all of it to fail due to how seriously Macho took his duty as a Magical Girl. Admitting defeat (and for his own amusement), Opis decided to become Macho's follower. Together, they founded Magical Men, and began their glorious quest in traumatizing and trolling the Elder Tale populace.

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