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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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— Reimei

Reimei (れいめい, Reimei) is an Adventurer, specifically a Human Samurai-Pathfinder, and player of the popular MMORPG Elder Tale. Born Rina Aihara (藍原莉奈, Aihara Rina), she became interested in gaming from a very young age, and by the time she entered her teens she had begun to play a variety of MMOs competitively, spanning a variety of different titles, genres, game systems, and more. In due course, she discovered Elder Tale and began to play it feverently. Eventually, she joined with the guild Silent Chivalry, and would work alongside them for most of her time in the game, accomplishing a variety of feats and gaining a small level of fame and notoriety within the realm of the Ezzo Empire in the server of Yamato

Over time, however, the guild began to slowly fall apart, more members failing to log on or ignoring official guild events. In the hopes of saving it, they planned a mass meeting, a grand quest that would hopefully reignite the bonds that had grown so stagnant. Unfortunatley, that was the day that she downloaded the twelth expansion pack, Homesteading the Noosphere, and in an event that would become later known as the Catastrophe, she found herself transported into the world of Elder Tale, her in-game avatar becoming her physical body and the game world becoming a new reality. While this in itself was a devestating event, the most distressing was the fact that, when she made her way towards the meeting point that she and her guild had decided upon, she found that none had arrived. Faced with the idea that none had logged on but unwilling to fully accept it, she would wait there for an unknown amount of time before encountering the Race of Ritual Sorcerer Harisu and his party. After a series of rather unusual events, she agreed to join the party in their travels for the time being, if only to see if she could run into any members of her guild in the meantime.

She acts as the main female protagonist of Winged Souls.



Full appearance.

In the time before the Catastrophe, when she was living in the real world and was known more popularly as Rina Aihara, Reimei was a rather slim girl with a petite frame of sorts, complimented by light olive skin and piercing, almost electric-blue eyes. She had somewhat roughly cropped black hair that reached down to her shoulders, with the bangs occasionally covering up her eyebrows. Her standard outfit back then appears to have consisted of a basic schoolgirl uniform, with a white shirt (complete with collar) covered by a navy blue vest that sported an orange trim, of the same shade as the bow on the upper part of her chest. The uniform was concluded with a very light blue pleated skirt with a line running down its lower regions, and long black stockings that reached down to basic dress shoes of the same color.

Within the game, Reimei is a lovely young woman who bears some similarities to her real world self. She retains her black hair, but it is now longer and wavier, as well as a bit smoother, reaching down to around her waist. Her eyes are now almost amber in color and appear a bit sharper, with a tasteful amount of blue eyeshadow applied carefully to the upper corner of each. She dons a rather simple bow at the top of her head, one that seems to be slightly obscured by her hair. She is a bit taller than her real world counterpart (causing some difficulties shortly after the event), and even appears slightly older and more mature, though not by a drastic amount. She seems to have mixed the more conventional fantasy trappings of Elder Tale with a bit of modern flare, donning something akin to a white undershirt that features a black trim and two lines running down either side. Underneath, a black vest is worn, with only one of the buttons on it actually buttoned, the rest acting akin to hanging coattails, trailing down slightly and generally exposing a part of her stomach. These continue down to a set of somewhat small white shorts that lead into black leggings that cover the rest of her lower area, staring out as black and gaining a purple color the farther down they go, near the feet. The feet themselves are covered with a set of elegant black shoes that appear as a fusion of tennis shoes and their high-heeled cousins, albeit with darker 'collars' of their own that are adorned with two white buttons on either one. To complete the ensemble, Reimei dons black arm warmer-like devices on each appendage, though one is further adorned with a black sleeve, a silver clip placed in the middle in order to provide some sort of contrast.

This is not, however, the only set of clothing that Reimei has been shown to wear in-series. She owns a casual outfit that is almost never seen by fellow human eye, except on the rare occasion. Consisting of a dark gray shirt with an absent collar that exposes some of the area around her neck, the sleeve and armwarmer on at least one of her arms remain in their usual positions, though she seems to have also added almost track or sweatpants that give off a more relaxed feel, as befitting their status as a casual uniform. In addition, for more relaxed events and sleeping, Reimei will don what appears to be a basic gray kimono of sorts that also features a white trim, complemented by a white string and knot around her waist. It appears to be cut off at the end, revealing a large amount of her legs, though it also has a more traditional mode in which it extends to the floor, at times scuffing against them. There also exists a beach outfit, the rarest of them all, that is made up of a basic black top piece with a white polka-dot pattern and smaller strings that keep it in place when wrapped around the back of her neck. The lower section fulfills the purpose of both swimsuit and small skirt, complete with a vague ruffles theme. The ensemble is oft finished off with a set of equally black sandals.

Save for the casual outfits, any variation of Reimei's appearance is generally complimented with a rather thin but long black scarf, and her main weapon, the Hama Yumi, is often clipped to her back for safekeeping, if folded up and compressed a tad.



Prior to the CatastropheEdit


Reimei in real life.



Equipment Title Class Description
HamaYumi Hama Yumi (破魔弓, "Evil Destroying Bow") Artifact

Flavor Text: One of a set of mythical weapons, the Hama Yumi were a group of bows once used to vanquish a great Demon King who threatened to destroy Yamato. They can only be wielded to full potential by one with great accuracy and a pure heart, and are capable of dealing additional damage to enemy demons.

Reimei's primary weapon, the bow was one of the most treasured items collected by her former guild, and she still holds it close as a precious memory of their time together. It appears to be capable of generating its own arrows, though this action expends the user's MP. Ordinary arrows can be used as well.


Racial SkillsEdit

Standard SkillsEdit



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