Sakuya is a Fox Tail Kannagi-War Priest an a member of The Order of Chaos from the Japanese Server. She is also known as "Priestess of Mirrors".

In the real world, she is a university student named Kaguya Sagimiya (鷺宮香夜).

Her Overskill is Moon Mirror.


Sakuya is a very attractive woman who various male players tend to stare at a distant.



Prior to the CatastropheEdit

The CatastropheEdit

Dragon War ArcEdit


Talisman of Six Seals
Beads of Divinity
Shūryō Shakujou


  • Miraculous Divine Spirit:Attack Magic / Recovery Magic: A shining mirror appears in front of the operator's eyes, and the emitted light shoots enemies. When this enchantment is damaged by this magic, at the same time, the HP of one "the highest hate in the party" is recovered.
  • Curse of the Sword:Attack Magic: Range attack magic where countless swords fall from the empty space and cut off enemies.
  • The Spirit of Mikata: Hissatsu Magic: It gives a strong damage to one enemy and at the same time gives a strong barrier to all parties. It is one of the most deadly magic and can only be used once in 24 hours .
  • Mai Kagura: The magical casting time used for 4 seconds after using this feat becomes almost zero only once, and it becomes possible to use the two magic at the same time.