Samurai is one of the classes that can be selected in Elder Tale. It is the Japanese server's replacement for the Pirate class.


The Samurai primarily uses Japanese equipment like daiyoroi, katana and tachi. The Samurai's defense is said to rival that of the Guardian, but because of the class's inability to equip shields, its overall defense is considered inferior. Despite this, the samurai's role can also be that of the Tank, drawing the attention of the enemy and taking the most damage of the group. Samurai can also duel-wield, which can increase their damage output.

The Samurai class has many so-called "Ace Moves" that can chain large amount of combos in a short time with high offensive and defensive abilities, but with long cooldowns.  However, once an Ace Move is executed, the Samurai is unable to respond quickly to attacks and may even be unable to move.

Also, most of the Samurai's skills have a long cool down period (generally 5–10 minutes); as a result, each can only be used once or twice per battle, making this class more suitable for short fights, rather than long ones.  This is opposite of the Monk class, which can chain techniques for long periods of time.

Despite this shortcoming, each skill is very strong and accurate and can be quite effective against players who are 20 levels or higher than the Samurai. Naturally, this class requires incredible insight of the battlefield, thus making it difficult to use. However, it is still extremely popular on the Japanese server.

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