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Coming back only days before the release of the Pioneers of the Novasphere expansion, Skylark Rue was never well known for her combat abilities, with them being enough for her to barely meet the requirements necessary to get into the likes of the Black Knights, what Skylark was good at was creating Artifacts. Her skills and dedication to her craft was unrivalled, with her having re-maxed out her Artificer Subclass level in two days and regaining her customer base near instantly, despite having been off six years beforehand.

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Summoner: Despite it not being her forte and being not remarkable in any particular aspect of combat before the Catastrophe, Skyark was still quite powerful for her level. Her main method of fighting was to use a variety of the [Servant: Forgotten Lord] series of Summons, acting as what could be dubbed an "almighty sword and shield" due to their ability to function in multiple roles and use Classes unavailable to Adventurer's, although their availability (they were only available to earn for ninety six hours, as they were intended for a later expansion which never came for unknown reasons) makes their use very scarce, and due to Rue's lack of skill in battle she may as well not have them.

The other type of Summon which she uses are [Servant: Golems], acting as basic fighters and occasional on-the-go work stations due to their variety of uses.

Neo-Gaslight Rebirth: Skylark Rue's Overskill, its ability alone makes up for her lackluster combat prowess on a battlefield, allowing her to potentially turn the tide of battle. Neo-Gaslight Rebirth is the application of the idea that Summons can be modified in a similar manner to something between a human and a robot with, for example, her Artifacts. When they are correctly implanted into a Summon they can drastically alter and change the way they function, changing a simple Golem into a Golem with a significant boost to health, the ability to deliver lightning attacks, and an explosion upon death.

While Golems are the most functional and customizable of them all, due to them having no anatomy or complex inner functions, any Summon can be modified, although they may die or be ineffectual due to the modifications negatively impacting upon their inner workings.

Upon death the Artifacts are broken (although if they Summon is simply dismissed then the items are fine), making it a costly Overskill to use in combat.

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  • A base inspiration for Skylark was Touko Aozaki from the first Kara no Kyoukai, with the idea of improved prosthetics and puppetry coming from her.