"We're not God Hand anymore, we're now Smoke Compendium."

— Wolfgang on the guild's recreation and reimagining

Formerly the guild known as God Hand, the original guild disbanded when Wolfgang killed all the members on the first day of the Apocalypse (apparently he was testing whether people respawned or not). After discovering that he hadn't, in fact, committed mass murder of his comrades, he set about finding who he could and reforming the guild with the help of Ryuurei (provided, she came to him with the intent of introducing his right ventricle with her stiletto heel).

Members Edit

The guild runs in the same manner as God Hand previously did, with each person reprising their roles. But despite the fact that Wolfgang is Guild Master the guild is set to "Democracy" so he can be voted out and replaced at any given time.

Caeruleus has mentioned interest in finding more members, to recreate the level they had with God Hand, where they were closer to a militia than a guild (there were ten heads of divisions, each having at least twelve subordinates at any given time). Despite this no one else has shown particular interest in it, as before their fighters didn't fear for their lives and were fearless, but now they will be afraid and flinch, something which isn't worth the trouble.

General Edit

Guild Master: Wolfgang T. Cain

Second In Command: Caeruleus Cathedra

Third In Command: Ryuurei Aurelius

"Hell's Frozen Over" In Command: Alistair Du Meutre

Trading Edit

Negotiator: Caeruleus Cathedra, Wolfgang T. Cain

Muscle/All Else Fails: Alistair Du Meutre

Bar Edit

Bartenders: Wolfgang T. Cain, Caeruleus Cathedra

Waitress: Ryuurei Aurelius

Alcoholic: Alistair Du Meutre

Combat Edit

Main Tank: Alistair Du Meutre

Off Tank: Ryuurei Aurelius

DPS: Caeruleus Cathedra, Ryuurei Aurelius, Wolfgang T. Cain

Stealth: Ryuurei Aurelius, Wolfgang T. Cain

Long Range: Caeruleus Cathedra, Wolfgang T. Cain

Tactician: (De facto at the moment) Caeruleus Cathedra, Ryuurei Aurelius

Base Edit

Operations Edit

Smoke Compendium has three main operations: mercenary services, the buying and selling of high quality and exotic goods, and the bar at the lowest level of Everfall. While the members of the guild are attempting to become more reformed and better human beings, they are still opportunists and pragmatists for the most part, which can be seen by the fact that they deal in what can be very easily be called drugs, as getting cured is relatively easy in the game as opposed to beforehand. That being said, their military services are even worse, as provided the client pays them they will do anything they say (provided it's not killing Landers, although some (read: Wolfgang) would kill them for a large premium) to the letter, and don't ask questions. However, their bar is perfectly benign and innocent (if you exclude the people who run it), except that it's used for meetings for the aforementioned business ventures.

Goals Edit

The guild lacks any true overarching goals, as none of the members goals are interwoven enough to validate such a claim. The closest thing to an aim that it has would be to get some windows for the building.

Trivia Edit

  • Wolfgang insists on being called "Chairman" (although no one calls him this, period) and "Eternal Chairman" should he ever be voted out.

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