Sorcerer is one of the classes that can be selected in Elder Tale.


Specializing in tapping into the power of the elements for fierce and powerful spells, the Sorcerer has the highest magical damage out of the twelve classes and is essentially the magical counterpart of the Assassin. Utilizing the different attributes of offensive magic, the Sorcerer has a richer variety of Area of Effect damaging spells compared to weapon-based classes, making it an extremely versatile class. However, this class suffers from low HP and defense and can easily die in a few seconds if attacked. Normally, a sorcerer is more of a support fighter and likened to long-range artillery. They are not meant for front-line combat unless the sorceror is well-defended.

When coupled with a support character, such as a Bard, the attack strength of a Sorcerer can be multipled substantially. Due to the fact that a Sorcerer has a wide variety of spells, the cool-down period each spell can also vary, depending on its power, range and effect. For example, Rundelhaus' Orb of Lava spell has a fast casting time of 2 seconds and has a cool-down time of 18 seconds, meaning that he can cast the spell every 20 seconds. However, the downside is that the Orb of Lava tends to get the attention of opponents, thereby drawing them away from the Tank character and attacking the Sorcerer.

Sample Builds Edit

There are two main builds for the Sorcerer.

Nuker - Magical Battery
This build fully demonstrates the firepower of a Sorcerer standing behind a wall of allies. It is called a "Battery" because of the usage of Robust Battery. In some cases, you will have to turn into a "Mobile Battery" by moving to keep the enemies at maximum range. If this build of Sorcerer is in a party, the main focus of the party tactics would be to work with or protect the "Magical Battery". Most Sorcerers of this build wear robes and use a magic wands. There are many different types of cane/staff/wands that reinforce a certain attribute so a flexible Sorcerer would have to carry around different kinds.
Combat Rage
It is an unusual build that shatters the image of a Sorcerer standing safely in the back, by being within enemy attack range to launch magical attacks. Of course if the attack of the enemy is successful it could be a fatal injury, but it is practical stand side by side with the vanguard and shoot magic. The number of players using this build is small because it doesn't fit the classic image of a Sorcerer, but it is well known due to its impact.

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