Subaru (昴 Subaru) is one of the players trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. He was a member of the Debauchery Tea Party and was called the One-Man-Army(一人軍隊). He is a Human Monk-Cleric. He was with Nyanta in Susukino, helping to protect Serara. He later became one of the founding members of Log Horizon. His Overskill is Adepts Monk Stance.


All his gear is at level 90, 3 of which are Phantasmal-class and all the others are Artifact-class. After the catastrophe he obtained 2 level 95 Phantasmal-class gear as well as four level 94 Artifact-class gear.


He has mastered all Monk skills up to level 94. Almost all his skills are at Intermediate-level, with his remaining skills at Hidden-level and a few at Secret-level.


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