Swashbuckler is one of the classes that can be selected in Elder Tale.


The Swashbuckler is an offensive melee class and a master of using two weapons, capable of using a weapon in each hand. Though it has less HP and defense compared to the warrior classes, it is considered the best defender among the other weapon-based classes.

Swashbucklers specialize in continuously attacking with two weapons. Though the class deals less damage than Assassins, it makes up for it with many combos and longer streams of damage.

Most of its skills focus on attacking multiple enemies at once with area of effect attacks. The class also has a wide range of skills that cause status effects on enemies. When fighting enough enemies at once, the Swashbuckler can deal as much DPS as the Assassin.

Sample Builds Edit

The Swashbuckler has two main builds, with two less-common builds.

Dual Blade
This build may be considered the standard build for the Swashbuckler, focusing on overwhelming enemies with attacks from its dual light weapons, most commonly rapiers. Although it can easily draw out the Swashbuckler's strengths, it is far more difficult to utilize the full power of this build. The style of battle in this build varies; some may emphasize speed, while others focus on power.
Single blade user. Able to increase damage from traditionally one-handed weapon by using them two-handed and spec in skills that gives % bonus damage. Popular among those who don't raid often, since they are less equipment intensive. It is noted that people have been arguing on the forums whether one-handed or dual-wielding is better since the game's launch.
Sword and Buckler. Allows Swashbuckler to act as off-tank, possible tank in low level dungeon. Not popular in raids since they can't tank as well as a tanker, nor can they DPS as well as the other builds.
Throwing weapon spec. Very rare build, due to the ammunition cost, but becomes more viable from around level 50, when more weapons with the "returning" or "respawning" properties start to drop. They are often the survivor of a near wipe, since they are fighting ranged and still have the same survivability as a Dual-wielding and Fencer build. Occasionally called a cowardly build that doesn't contribute because of that.

Average HP and MP ChartEdit

The calculations for this table are based on level and the average gear for that level. However, HP and MP are also affected by the Adventurer's race and sometimes by subclass.

Like Clerics, Swashbucklers tend to have more HP and less MP than the other two Weapon-Based classes. Unsurprisingly, they are also more likely to be able to serve as off-tanks in battles (Gladiator build for Swashbucklers, Armor Cleric or Twin Shield builds for Clerics).

Level HP MP Level HP MP
1 160 140 60 5830 5101
5 486 425 65 6395 5595
10 906 793 70 6973 6101
15 1339 1171 75 7564 6619
20 1785 1562 80 8169 7148
25 2244 1964 85 8787 7688
30 2717 2377 90 9418 8241
35 3203 2802 95 10062 8804
40 3702 3239 100 10720 9380
45 4214 3687 105 11390 9966
50 4740 4147 110 12074 10565
55 5278 4618 115 12771 11174

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