The Order Of Chaos is a small size guild in Elder Tales. They are rather strong despite having a few members.


It was originally founded by Noboru after the Catastrophe. It's primary focus was to take various jobs from hunting to assassination.

They are allied with the production guild, Black Iron Works.


The Order of Chaos has a small number of members. The Co-founders are experience veterans of the game. Each of them have above Level 90 stats and are referred as the Five Pillars.


The first 8 original members in The Order of Chaos—one for each race.

Race Name Rank Class Status
Human Noboru Guild Master
Samurai Active
Elf Co-founder Swashbuckler Active
Dwarf Gable Member Guardian Active
Half-Alv Maya Member Enchanter Active
Werecat Taiga Member Monk Active
Wolf Fang Hiei Member Assassin Active
Fox Tail Sakuya Member Kannagi Active
Ritian Elizabeth Member Sorcerer Active

Guild BaseEdit

Unlike most guilds The Order of Chaos does not have a Guild House, this stems do to them always being on the move.