"There are only two ways to survive in the Deep. The first is to be stealthy and move like a shadow. The second is to be tough and fight through all dangers. I am the latter of the two. I am my parties fearsome horns. In our charge we shall run down any who dare cross our path.,"

— Thunder


Thunder is the leader of the Red Bull Brigade, it is a small party that operates out of Gothem. The party is renown for there skill in hunting Drow and other monsters of the Deep. There matto is "LEAD THE CHARGE, FEARLESSLY!" Thunder is a guild mate and friend to 5tray and the Heart of Gothems defense. He has entered the most tunnels and crawled back out alive of all of them. His head strong personality is tempered by his parties fearsome and decisive tactics.


Thunder has often been compared to a volcano. At time he can be at peace and you can plan things around him. He can get along with others and work wonders for improving the city. At other times however he can be a raging inferno and a bull in heat. He charges towards battle and his enemy with reckless abandonment and often gets himself in trouble with the ladies in his attempts to seduce them.

Thunder is a man who lives out his days in the new world the way he wanted to live his life in the real world. In the real world he was a shy person who often held back his voice. He did not talk to girls, nor did he lead people. He was a simple worker working in a grocery store. However all of that changes when he plays online. He played the game to be the person he always wanted to be. So once the apocalypse happen Thunder made himself that person.

In his deep core Thunder has a fear of lossing all of his friends and being left alone. It is for this reason that Thunder charges out first in any engagement. Thunder would rather fall first himself than see his friends fall. This motto causes Thunder to be useless in Large scale stratagem, but his battlefield tactics are superb. He leads his men from the front and they respect him for it.