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— Zeiren

Zeiren (ハリス, Harisu) is an Adventurer, and one of the many players who were trapped in the MMORPG known as, Elder Tale. Known in the real world as Zeiren Whitelaw (ジーレンホワイトロー, Zeiren Howaitorō), Zeiren is a half African American, half Japanese male who lived peacefully in America, until his father and mother died in a car crash. He then moved to Japan to live with his grandparents overseas. To help him escape his grief for his loss, he began playing "Elder Tale", eventually becoming hooked on it. For years he played, creating a Human Assassin-Berseker named "Zeiren", albeit very unoriginal on his part. Due to his addiction to the game, he naturally downloaded the twelfth expansion pack, Homesteading the Noosphere, only to suddenly faint upon login. When he arose from his slumber, he found that he himself, and the many players around him, had been trapped in their beloved game, in an event which would later be called, "the Apocalypse".

Since that day, Zeiren has formed the "Meme" Party, going on numerous adventures and quests together, gaining a name for themselves as they went along. Each adventure bringing the party closer, eventually becoming a family to one another in this new world. Due to his true love for the game, he will tend to drag his party along for a ride after hearing about quests and their difficulties, tearing through the most treacherous areas of the game, in the name of adventure. Zeiren has from the point of entry, continued to improve on his skill-set, achieving a balance of physical, and magical prowess, to the point where he can easily alternate between the two. Due to his infamy, he has received two epithets. The first being the Mastermind (首謀者, Shubō-sha), due to his tendency to come up with erratic, yet brilliant plans in the name of adventure, and the second being Zeiren the Avaricious (強欲をジーレン, Gōyoku o Zeiren), and the second being due to his public image, having many believe that he accomplishes his goals and goes on adventures for the money and prizes, in the name of greed.

His Overskill is "Wheel of Assassination".



Zeiren's Full Appearance








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